A Literary Weekend

By now you will have realised that books and authors often determine where we travel. Last weekend we went back to England for one purpose – we wanted to attend the Dickensian Christmas Festival in the town of Rochester. We left our car in Lille, France, and took the Eurostar Train through the English Channel. […]

Here’s something to think about

   Today we drove to a small village in the north of France. It’s called Villers-Bretonneux, and it has an interesting connection with Victorian school children. After the end of World War 1 Australian soldiers wanted to help those French villages that had been devastated by the war, so they began to raise funds amongst […]

The best of Paris

Paris is a fabulous city to explore. Last year I saw Les Miserables, a stage production about the revolution of the peasants in Paris against their ‘betters’ and masters. After that I read a book about the history of Paris. It was so much fun to walk through Paris with these things in mind. To […]

A rough week

Travelling through foreign countries always carries certain risks. We try to minimise them; we work hard to keep ourselves healthy and safe. Those things your parents tell you about washing your hands before eating, and watching your stuff when you are in public places, are even more important when on holidays. Last week we parked […]

On the trail of a favourite author

Marcel Pagnol was born 120 years ago. He wrote stories and made films about his life as a boy, and about the many characters who lived in his part of France. He is one of our favourite authors. Today we visited the town where he was born and the area that he grew up in. […]

Grover goes to The Alhambra

                  We visited the Alhambra in southern Spain. Grover was very excited by the towers and gardens, but most of all he enjoyed playing with the school children who were on an excursion. I will post some more photos of the palaces.